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  • Qartuli prikoli seqsi unda gijataa - YouTube
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  • How to find the hotels, beaches and airports with the best Wi-Fi

    Tuesday, 29 July 2014, 0:01 | PC News | 0 Comment
    by PcWebAdmin

    Hotel chains like the Radisson, Hilton, and Doubletree usually end up near the top of the list of approved places to stay for business trips. But if you’re looking for high-speed Wi-Fi, you might be better off avoiding them.Within the past week, several sites have emerged as storehouses of information on just which hotel chains—and airports, and even beaches—offer the fastest Wi-Fi service. And as you might expect, better Wi-Fi service often means venturing outside the most typical...

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    Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 review: Better than ever at letting you speak freely

    Tuesday, 29 July 2014, 0:00 | PC Reviews | 0 Comment
    by PcWebAdmin

    Now in its 17th year and its 13th release, Dragon NaturallySpeaking remains the benchmark for Windows-based speech-to-text technology. At this point in the game, anyone who wants to use speech recognition software is probably already using it. Nonetheless, Dragon is hoping to entice new users to the product by adding new features and cutting the price of last year’s $ 200 release. But will a $ 100 price tag and an incremental improvement in quality finally make you talk the talk? As...

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    Mobile Threat Monday: Suspicious Android Launcher Poses as Internet Explorer, Flappy Bird

    Monday, 28 July 2014, 23:58 | PC Security | 0 Comment
    by PcWebAdmin

    This week, Malwarebytes highlights a suspicious launcher app that pretends to be lots of things it isn't. Security...

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